Reference and information services:
The library staff is always available and ready to assist all library users in any kind of reference and information inquiry. Library users are trained by staff regarding collection arrangement and research topic searching using the online catalog. They are also guided on how to utilize the various types of reference services to their benefit.

Course text reservation:
Core reading materials are placed at the request of faculty staff in the reserve collection for short loan borrowing.

Lending services:
All registered members of the library who include students, faculty and administrative staff may borrow circulating materials from the library. Other people with authority from the University Librarian may use the library but do not have borrowing privileges. KOHA Library Management software manages the circulation of library materials and allows for titles in demand to be reserved for a user once they become available.

Item reservation service:
Reservation of borrowed library material in done at the circulation desk. As soon as the item is returned, the awaiting user is notified. Item required by many users or for short loan borrowing may be recalled and must be returned within the shortest time possible.

Current awareness and SDI services:
Current awareness service is provided through the display of new titles received and through e-mail updates. Selective dissemination of information service is also offered to target groups through e-mail and verbally.

Computer-based services:
The resources are managed for access and circulation through the automated program KOHA. Computers are provided for clients and for staff. E-mail and internet services are available including electronic data transfers. A computer lab is available for access to electronic databases and academic journals.

Information literacy skills:
The library staff teaches information literacy skills to students. Through this service, the users are exposed to various sources of information and instructed on how to properly utilize them for research purposes.

Bibliographic search services

SCU library offers its search services through Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). This service allows you to search for available materials in the library wherever you are.

  • Accessing the Online Library Catalog

The Library Catalog is accessible through the internet by via the link: