• All users are required to behave considerately and to respect the study needs of others. Disciplinary Action will be taken for consideration.
  • Study areas in the library are designated silent, quiet, and not for group work. Users must maintain good order and observe the rule applying to each area.
  • Mobile devices MUST be kept in SILENT mode while in the library.
  • Personal Electronic devices (including but not limited to laptops, tablets, phones) MUST be used with head Phones at controlled volumes for listening purposes but not to make voice calls.
  • Personal electronic devices (including but not limited to laptops, tablets, MUST be REGISTERED at the security desk on entering the Library and SIGNED OUT on leaving the Library.
  • Users MUST NOT RECEIVE any phone calls, use skype voice or any other voice services while inside the library.
  • The reservation of places is not allowed. Library staff may remove books and other articles which have been left for more than 30 minutes.
  • Users must not mark, deface or damage Library books, their Library card or the fabric, furniture and fittings in the Library building.
  • Users will be liable for any loss of or damage to, books other items while in their charge. Any loss or damage must be reported immediately to a member of Library staff.
  • Smoking, eating and drinking is not allowed within the Library.
  • All users leaving the Library are required to show all books in their possession whether these belongs to the university or not. Users may also be required to open for inspection any bags or other receptacles carried out of the Library.
  • Dressing that is consistent to the SCU dress code will be upheld within the Library. Foot wear should be appropriate for the quiet library environment.
  • All users must leave the library by closing time and immediately when the bell sounds or when requested to do so by the Library staff.
  • Photography and filming in the library are allowed only where prior permission from the Library staff.


  • All users of Library materials are personally responsible for ensuring that they observe the requirements of the Kenya Copyright Legislation; failure to do so will be regarded as a serious breach of the university discipline code and the user will in addition be responsible for any liability incurred under the law
  • All users of electronic information resources must abide by the terms of the appropriate licenses.